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"Where pets get the personal attention they deserve!"


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Dandy's Pet Grooming

​Saint Petersburg FL

All services are by appointment only.

We do not offer Mobile Grooming services.

Our prices are competitive in the industry and are determined by such factors as breed, condition of coat, and behavior of your pet. Below is a summary of our services. We do require proof of current rabies vaccination for your pet in the form of a rabies certificate or we can also call your vet for you.

DANDY BATH & BRUSH: This service includes a warm massaging bath and blue berry & fresh vanilla facial Scrub. Toenails trimmed and ears cleaned. Checking of anal glands. A good brushing of the coat. As a final touch your pet is scented with our cologne that leaves your special pet clean and fresh. 

DANDY GROOM/HAIRCUT: Includes all of the services listed in the bath and brush package and we also perform a style haircut that creates a nice neat look to your pets coat. 

DANDY DOG PACKAGE: Includes a special shampoo tailored to your pets coat and any special needs. Deep coat conditioner that puts moisture back into your pets skin and coat which helps prevent dry skin and matting. Teeth Brushing which helps to keep your pets teeth in good condition by reducing the build up of tartar and a breath freshener to leave the breath fresh and smelling good. 

DANDY NAIL FILING & EAR CLEANING: This service will leave your pets nails shorter and smoother then traditional nail clipping. Helps to reduce scratches to you and your floors and furniture. 

DANDY LOW-SHED TREATMENT: This treatment will reduce your pets shedding up to 90% by removing the build up of under coat on your pet. This leaves your pets coat soft, shiny and reduces the amount of hair around your home.

Dandy's Pet Grooming
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