Brandon An Diana reviewed Dandy's Pet Grooming & Boutique — 5 star
January 9 · 
I just want to say the guys here at Dandy's pet grooming is the place to take your fur baby!! I have taken Paris to see Kim two times now and she's always so happy for her spa day and tries to jump out of my arms to Kim's !! Now that we've found Dandy's I REFUSE to take Paris anywhere else!! Thank you so much you guy's for making my fur baby so happy and beautiful!!!! Paris' mom Diana Monson

Barbara Sebor reviewed Dandy's Pet Grooming & Boutique — 5 star
March 31 · 
What a find! This shop is beautiful and clean. Jim and Kim are such gentlemen and you can feel their love of animals. My boys came home looking perfect and so relaxed. Right now they are both lying next to me. I'm just loving their smell..delicious lol!

Dianne Allen reviewed Dandy's Pet Grooming & Boutique — 5 star
September 23, 2015 · 
I had been looking for a good groomer for my standard labradoodle. Kim was amazing and she is happy and beautiful She went right to him and when I came to pick her up, they were playing. To see my dog this happy and perfectly groomed is a great experience. I highly recommend them. You will be treated right!

Amanda Riker reviewed Dandy's Pet Grooming & Boutique — 5 star
April 9 · 
Dandy's is the best pet groomer I've visited ever! They gave my princess the best makeover and they gave me the most genuine and kindest customer service! Such a great experience!

Rosemary Shanahan reviewed Dandy's Pet Grooming & Boutique — 5 star March 19 
Dandys is the best! Today was my first visit .They are so professional, nice location and was so impressed with kindness.Jim made my dog feel like at home and the atmosphere was very calming. I loved the shampoos they used on my dog they were organic/ hypo allergenic and not to mention he used this amazing blueberry face wash that I know made her feel like a million bucks . I can tell my fur baby Lulu had a wonderful experience because she wasn't shaking or scared she was wagging her tail ,dancing and looked so happy when we left .I would recommend this wonderful place to anyone. When I dropped her off I felt I could trust him with her and left so happy with a peace of mind. Please bring your animal ASAP , I promise you will not be disappointed!! Also this helps #keepstpetelocal !!#dandysisawesone #Lulu'sbiggestfan!! Thank you guys so much!! ❤️

Lena Roberts reviewed Dandy's Pet Grooming & Boutique — 5 star
December 11, 2015 · 
Today, I took my little dog, Dorrie, in for a bath and nail trim. We have had a few different groomers who were all ok, but none that I think Dorrie liked.

When I came to pick her up, she was happy. Bouncing and almost giddy. She didn't run towards the door to get out, she was happy to hang out in the lobby for a while.

She smelled beautiful and her nails are short and smooth.

Thanks guys

Carrie Harrill-Smith reviewed Dandy's Pet Grooming & Boutique — 5 star
July 26, 2015 · 
Dandy's pet grooming is the best groomer in town! The groomers listened to what we wanted and somehow, magically, were able to remove the matts around our pup's face without cutting all her hair off. She still looks like our dog, just cuter and with a great style! We appreciate the care, time, and professionalism Dandy's took with our dog and can't wait to come back.

Moira Fuller Dietrichsen reviewed Dandy's Pet Grooming & Boutique— 5 star
June 25, 2015 · 
We have found our forever Groomers! It is so hard to find a place that is perfect. I was so impressed with the shop, the Owners, Kim and Jim and the calmness they exuded. They asked me what I liked and when I picked up Brody he was perfect. The best gooming this dog has ever had in 8 years! And more important is, he was happy. I would recommend Dandy's to anyone asking. Thanks guys! See you in 6 weeks!!!

"Where pets get the personal attention they deserve!"

Sherry Doyle reviewed Dandy's Pet Grooming & Boutique — 5 star
January 30 · 
What a wonderful discovery. We have had several groomers for our huskey throughout the years even a grooming service that came to our home.but we can not say enough about the high quality of work by Jim and Kim. This was our first visit and we have certainly found the groomers for our precious baby. We have never and I mean never seen her look so beautiful. The location of the business is ideal and easy to get to. The professionalism of Jim and Kim is outstanding our Siberian husky was happy when we picked her up and she had a prance in her step as if she knew she looked good. These gentlemen are amazing. This is the perfect place. Thanks to them our baby had a great spa day.

Dandy's Pet Grooming

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Cherlise Forshee-Burgos reviewed Dandy's Pet Grooming & Boutique— 5 star
March 30 · 
Totally exceeded my expectations. I am new to the area and I've always used Petsmart and Petco in the past. We have found our new home in pawdicure land! Marley and Munchie look amazing! The best grooming experience I've had this far. Thanks, again!

Johnny Cruz reviewed Dandy's Pet Grooming & Boutique — 5 star
June 27, 2015 · 
Great service and convenient location! If professionalism is what you are looking for than look no further, these guys are awesome! Took in my new cocker spaniel and they did a wonderful job. Very impressed with the service and practical pricing! Thanks Gentlemen!

Robin Brooks Riker reviewed Dandy's Pet Grooming & Boutique — 5 star
April 10 · 
What a WONDERFUL SURPRISE to have Dandy's groom my little Love!!!! My daughter, Amanda Riker gets the credit for this! My HONEY was matted due to an itching issue that she is now being treated for. Rubbing herself on carpet and fabric matted her hair. DANDYS gently, artistically, creatively didn't "just shave her down to her pink skin"!!!! But, did a MAGNIFICENT CUT TO RID HER OF THE MATTING. Yet, LOVINGLY GROOMED HER BEAUTIFULLY!!!! Have been to many groomers in Tampa Bay Area.......and this is NOW OUR GROOMER! Our other sweetheart, JASMINE, will be going there next week for her grooming

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